Monday, January 19, 2015

How To Replace Battery Terminals

The transformation of me from a person most always in a state of depression and unable to do a whole lot for myself into this Tim that now, after 10 years from the outset of my natural recovery process, is daily attempting to prosper, advance, progress, move forward, learn new things, increase, be more of a D. I. Y. kind of a so impressive to me that even I am astounded at it. And, to think that after 10-12 years of prayers asking the Most High, The Creator of all things breathing and living why I could not experience healing from bad or serious depression...then, when the answer to that prayer came in the form of a series of insightful revelations found in books, videos, DVD's, TV documentaries, and public television self-help author-type interviews/discussions about lifestyle, thinking, and dietary changes I would need and have to make myself for myself, and then I was led to meet a man, somewhat older than me, who would re-introduce me to the amazing Morinda Citrifolia natural fruit (a blessing from the Most High over all the Earth), ..., the rest is history.

And, to think that so, so long ago (between 1992-2002), under the "expert" treatment and care of the medical establishment, and of psychiatry, psychologists, nurses, and the pharmaceutical companies of the world I was just SITTING ON A COUCH AT HOME 75 PERCENT OF THE TIME-listless, OR, GOING TO MY JOBS I ATTEMPTED TO MAINTAIN LIKE A ZOMBIE, ALL FULL OF PRESCRIPTION DRUGS able to do not much of anything at all except be a burden to others in my life ...

I so very much thank the CREATOR, JHVH/YESHUA, for proving Himself to still be the one and only doctor of all doctors, and, only true healer of that which He has created, me!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

T.N.I., Inc. Referring Customer ID# 3274830.

My given name is Timothy Kent Lawson Jr. and I have a story to tell.
In 1992 I was diagnosed with incurable depression by a psycologist in Ashland, Ohio with my mom, dad, and Barbara (my son's mom) all present. My diagnosis was given different names throughout the next 10 years by a slew of psychiatrists (M.D.'s of the mind). Thanks to the wisdom from above, the example set by Jesus Christ & others who throughout history embarked on similar Christ-like lifestyles (i.e., the willingness and passion of Dr. Terry Muniz of San Juan, PR in sharing & imparting his knowledge of natural health and T.N.J. w/me, the work(s) of Mr. Kevin Trudeau, the efforts of the Citizens' Commission on Human Rights, and my own real-life experience having placed my trust in psychiatric medicine for a time, today, all Barbara & I have to say about the horrors of placing your health in the hands of medical doctors (if I were to summarize our feelings about the roller coaster ride of suffering and pain gone through by the both of us, courtesy of 5-10 Ohio psychiatrists, as well as, the infamous pharmaceutical companies allowed to exist and conduct "business?" on our  planet) is "Thank God for Tahitian Noni Juice!!!". The medical doctors nearly killed me, especially, when they ordered me to take the R'x, Zyprexa, a very dangerous drug that has been linked to a great many patients' increase in suicidal ideation. Again, thanks be to God, that like Jesus Christ, I decided to become a naturalist and 4 1/2 years ago took up drinking one daily ounce of T.N.J.  Furthermore, Barbara just pointed out last night (5-5-2010) that it was not until drinking T. N. J. that the skin in the area of her elbows became soft and has stayed soft. Also, about a year ago Barbara's doctor marvelled when her bloodsugar levels steadily remained in the normal range and eventually declared her as no longer being diabetic. So, the wife of my youth and now my Tahitian Noni Int., Inc. associate went from being diabetic for a few years to being non-diabetic.  [Kind of similar to my needing to wear glasses for becoming nearsighted after years of giving in to the advice of many medical doctors both, in Ohio, and in Puerto Rico and their advocation of prescription drugs (a condition I never had as a young man) and then after drinking T. N. J. having the magnification of my glasses reduced, then reduced again, and finally not needing the glasses for nearsighteness anymore per Dr. Winbigler of Shelby, Ohio.] Funny thing is I had predicted that Barbara would become diabetic after reading the book SUGAR BUSTERS and noticing that her food & drink & lifestyle habits were similar to those described in this book as ones leading to developing diabetic symptoms.  Since she did not believe my prediction at the time, she sadly came down with pre-diabetes some time in 1998. Then, thankfully, in December of 2005 I was privileged to introduce Barbara to T. N. J. and after 30 days, voila!  I got a hug!  Need I say more?
"Tahitian Noni Juice supports several systems of the body, actually works at the cellular level, has been studied by researchers around the world, subjected to considerable scientific study and is being used by 1,000's of people with amazing results. For centuries, Morinda Citrifolia (the scientific term for noni) has been valued by traditional Polynesian healers for its healthful benefits and is impossible to duplicate." - From 101 THINGS YOU CAN SAY ABOUT TAHITIAN NONI JUICE. -
For immediate info, to place an order, or learn more about how to potentially develop an residual income, please, call Timothy 419-545-3498.  I am more than happy to assist anyone interested in experiencing for themselves the all natural life-changing benefits of this awesome super-fruit bio-active beverage. ~

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Go ahead...choose to become and stay healthy!

At top right am I, the author of this blog, my name is Timothy and am in the image next to Danny Glover's photo. Danny Glover drinks Tahitian Noni Juice as I do. However, the man who first helped me to begin drinking Tahitian Noni Juice on a permanent basis is a licensed naturopath, Terry Muñiz who lives in Puerto Rico, and is in the image at the bottom, far left. Alejandro Loredo (in 2nd image from left to right on the bottom) works along with Dr. Muñiz in helping me share my wonderful Tahitian Noni Story with everyone who will take the time to learn about how to live well, rather than just O.K., or with sickness and/or pain.

If you are someone who wants to choose to become healthier and stay healthy all the time, then by all means do not hesitate to contact me. And contacting me is as easy as simply deciding to do so. As easy as posting a comment right from within this blog. I give you permission to do so. It is that simple!
La' orana,
Tahitian Noni Int., Inc. Referring Customer
Morinda Referring Customer ID# is 3274830
To place orders...1-800-445-2969.
Direct number: 1-419-545-3498.
P. S. Diabetics in my life have benefitted from drinking this bio-active beverage, NONI (Morinda Citrifolia -- A gift from our Creator) and if used along with the substitution of Stevia ( or sweet leaf, for common table sugar ... the diabetic condition can improve substantially, in my opinion. But, any diabetic reading my blog, must put my suggestions here given, to the test to prove me, either, right or wrong.

What Happened After I Consumed Tahitian Noni Juice for over 2 Years...

When you take up drinking at least one ounce of Tahitian Noni Juice ( per day, your life changes from whatever it was like before drinking Tahitian Noni Juice to something totally better!
If you were sad, you become happy. If you were always tired, you become energetic. If you were very depressed, you stop being depressed and function more normal with every passing day. If you were always frustrated and confused, you begin to be content, positive, optimistic and enjoy clarity of thought. If you were sedentary, you become better able to be more active. If you had trouble sleeping or insomnia, you begin to regain a healthy sleep routine. If you couldn't get going in the morning, you can get going after your morning dose of T.N.J. If...
There's more. As I think of all the other improvements to my life and health since drinking T. Noni Juice daily, I shall continue to add them here for you to read about. Of course, it is not just the juice's beneficial effects that have helped me to be healthier and live well, but, also the way of thinking of all the people actively involved with the Tahitian Noni International group in Utah. Both the company, as well as, all of its Independent Product Consultants worldwide think daily thoughts of Faith, Optimism, Determination, Wellness, Nature's Goodness, Eating Right, Exercising, etc...How can one lose? A good product, a good company, great fellow noni users...You know what I mean...

Thank you for visiting.

La' orana!
*La' orana means "live well" in the language of Tahiti.
It is pronounced - (Eeeio-d-ana).
To place an order call 1-800-445-2969. Use reference number / TNI ID# 3274830.
To read testimonials...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A New Day for Me!

Ever since I began drinking one ounce of T. N. J.+ each and every day my life has been good, better, wonderful, healthy, happy, etc...get the idea.
It is so hard for you to understand what I am saying unless you yourself have experienced very poor health for a very long time and nearly lost all hope of ever getting better again and then one fine day, you accepted something that someone else said would help you, as if by faith, and then voila. God ends up helping you through something God had already created for us from the beginning, a powerful natural fruit.
It has been said that "Our health is not is priceless." And after 2 years of drinking T. N. J., I agree. Life is so different for me now that I do not ever get sick anymore. I am currently seeking a much more effective way of carrying this message of perpetual natural good health to more and more people everywhere. And a way to prove to all beyond any shadow of doubt that what I am telling them IS TRUE! Please, feel free to contact Morinda Independent Product Consultant, Barbara, and ask her about her experience with drinking this miracle bio-active beverage, and about how she went from being a diabetic who needed to check her bloodsugar level daily to enjoying normal bloodsugar levels and not being a diabetic anymore for at least 6 years now.  
And thank you for taking the time to read this post.
"If you have faith," Jesus Christ once said, "nothing will be impossible for you."
+ T. N. J. is an abbreviation for Tahitian Noni Juice
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